For cast-like stability

The VACOcast (formerly VACOcast Fit) is a fixed-flexion orthopedic fracture boot designed and engineered to help you recover fast—yet be as comfortable as possible during your recovery. Patients rave about their VACOcast!

The modern cast alternative

Traditional serial casting can often be archaic and costly. VACOcast’s patented Vacuum Relief Insert with micro beads, in conjunction with a rigid lattice frame, provides strength and stability that’s as durable as a conventional cast—yet can be removed and re-applied in less than 30-seconds. An optional Safety Seal restricts patients from opening the VACOcast to ensure compliance.

Unmatched versatility with 3-in-1 usability

Secure the limb within seconds

Forms a "Perfect Fit" sturdy cast with no waste

Stability & style allow patients to walk in comfort

Walk sooner

Vacuum orthotics are clinically proven to get people with ankle fractures back to work up to 24 days sooner than traditional fiberglass casts.

Other features

  • Adjustable calf width to best fit patients with large calves, or to adapt to patients who have edema.
  • Moveable toe plate to lengthen the plantar foot bed, to accommodate people with longer feet.
  • Detachable sole to keep street dirt out of beds and off furniture.

Each boot includes

  • One vacuum relief insert
  • One vacuum pump
  • One removable velour liner
  • One detachable rocker sole


  • Additional Liners mean better hygiene and more comfort.
  • EvenUp provides a more normal walking gait.

All accessories are available in the web shop.


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Fitting Tutorial

Medical Indications

  • Ankle fractures
  • Arthrodeses of upper ankle joint
  • Arthrodeses of lower ankle joint
  • Calcaneus fractures
  • Complex ligament injuries
  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Severe sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries with impaired healing process
  • Splinting of foot & lower leg
  • Diabetic ulcers

Ask your doctor for VACOcast

Patients always have the right to ask for the best product available for any injury or medical indication. VACOcast is often covered by Medicare and by most health insurance programs.

Show your doctor this VACOcast product overview.

Sizing Chart

Shoe Size M 5-8 | W 6.5-9.5 M 8-11 | W 9.5-13 M 11+ | W 13+
Length Positions (Min/Mid/Max) 9.3" / 9.7" / 10.1" 10.4" / 10.8" / 11.2" 11.3" / 11.7" / 12.2"
Foot Width 4.1" 4.7" 5.3"
Ankle Circumference 5.5-11" 8-16" 12-18"
Calf Circumference 9-15" 13.5-20" 15-23"
If you have any questions about sizing please don't hesitate to contact us at for assistance. If you are in between sizes we generally recommend that you choose the smaller size. If you have a very large calf you may require additional accessories to accommodate (Liner Extension and Extra Long Strap).