• VACOcast perfectly molds to your leg and foot!

    In this example, air is forced out of a container to form a perfect mold of the hand. VACOcast uses this same principle to create a perfect fitting orthopedic boot, unmatched in its stability and comfort by any other boot on the market.

  • Robby Swift - Pro Windsurfer

    Robby Swift is a professional windsurfer from England who has been in the top 3 of the wrold rankings 5 times in his career. Due to the extreme nature of his sport he has suffered 4 serious foot and ankle injuries requiring 6-8 weeks in plaster casts. With a plaster cast or fixed-position walking boot Robby experienced longer recovery times due to muscle atrophy from the immobilization which required significant effort to get back to normal range of motion and strength. With his most recent injury his physician recommended using VACOcast Pro/Achilles to allow range of motion and earlier weight-bearing for a quicker more complete recovery.

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  • VACOcast Pro Achilles Boot

    The VACOcast Pro Achilles orthopedic boot provides superior rehabilitation to patients with Achilles injuries with our patented Vacuum Relief insert and unique hinge mechanism that allows the boot to morph to accommodate the patient’s individual needs. The VACOcast Pro Achilles truly is the best Achilles and fracture orthopedic boot on the market.

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  • VACOcast Fit Fracture Boot

    The VACOcast Fit is the best orthopedic fracture walking boot on the market. A 90º fixed-angle and four-strap system provide you with maximum security. All VACOcast boots feature our patented vacuum technology that creates a "perfect" fit every time by molding around your limb. Another great feature is the removable rocker sole which allows for a comfortable walking gait and let's you keep dirt and grime off furniture and out of your bed.

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