VACOcast Reviews

Crossfit Athlete: Molly Vollmer / @molly_vollmer

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Nick from New York City

Did you know you can swim in your VACOcast boot? Nick from NY didn't miss a beat on his vacation, still able to snorkel. [see his post on Facebook...]

Michael from Florida

Living in Florida, living in, on and under the water....The first swim was worth the $300. Now I'm in the pool every day doing hydrotherapy. [see his post on Facebook...]

Carol from Red Falls, MN

After 2 days wearing the bear trap - I mean black boot, my back, ankle, and hip hurt so badly I ordered my own VACOcast.  It arrived today and I am SO much happier. [read Carol's comments...]

Alexandra from Illonois

I LOVE my VACOCast. Life is so much easier and I am so happy to have made the decision to make the purchase... [read Alexandra's comments...]

VACOcast Reviews (continued)

Don on Facebook

I pre ordered mine from the advice at achillesblog. I just went in for my 12 day check, had the stitches out, and sized the boot and put it on.
YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! [read Don's review]

Vernon on

The boot was the best decision I made. Without it I would be crazy and probably weeks or months behind in my recovery. [read Vernon's comments…]

Christine B. from Kohler WI

Vacocast's most significant impact has been on my emotional & mental wellbeing. I feel like I have more freedom & not bogged-down; I became more positive & optimistic about my recovery. [read Christine's email…]

Donna from Hudson MA

After being in many types of casts for the past 2.5 years, the VACOcast is by far the most comfortable one that I have worn. [read Donna's note…]

Duff from Buenos Aires

The VacoCAST is worth every penny. Not only can you take it on and off (and have a normal shower!) the slow progression to 90 is a godsend and it seems like the right thing to do. [read Duff's blog…]

Stephen from Alexandria VA

I am amazed at VACOcast. There is no doubt in my mind that my progress is possible because of the support and comfort that VACOcast provides. [read Stephen's letter…]

Patrice on

My VACOcast Pro is awesome! My experience so far is nothing short of amazing. [read Patrice's blog…]


Mark from Buffalo NY

I cannot recommend the VACOcast brace enough. If you are just getting started in this, look for it. It is super light…it helped me get back to walking sooner than most. [read Mark's blog…]

SunnyD from New York City

I can wear the VACOcast in the swimming pool (even if everyone looks at you like you are crazy), and the range-of-motion ability to make walking easier. [read SunnyD's blog…]

Naomi on

My OS said that it's more supportive than than the darths. It's also great to have some ROM…Now walking smoothly without crutches and I slept like a baby! [read Naomi's comment…]

Russell on

Definitely have a look and talk to your doctor...the difference is huge in comfort, ability to sleep, level of pain, etc. [read Russell's blog…]

Meg from Greater Cleveland OH

Thank you, VACOcast! I am so in love with this boot; my summer has been saved. [see Meg's photo…]

Charlotte from Utah

Getting the Vacocast PRO was like Christmas morning for my foot. The swelling has gone down considerably after only 24 hours and it is very comfortable while still feeling secure. [read Charlotte's email…]

Connie from Missouri

OMG, it's wonderful and so much more comfortable than the frankenstein walking boot.

Kate wrote on twitter (@vacocast)

This cast is a 100% turn around from the last. I've been showing every orthopedist & physical therapist about it. Love it!